Through Green Inventory we provide a turnkey IHM / Green Passport solution for suppliers that includes complete document handling and verification services. An increasing number of suppliers are entering into document agreements with Metizoft in order to secure supply chains and meet customer requirements.

At Metizoft we have the special competence needed to resolve issues related to IHM, ensuring that your company is in line with regulations.

Why should you work with Metizoft?

Avoid or consider claims
Forward the liability question to the responsible part.
Stay focused on your core area and save both time and money.
Protect your image by being a role model for your industry and use this as a competitive advantage.
Be served in time
There will be an obvious "bottleneck"

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"Materials Declaration (MD) and Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) for products from suppliers (tier 1 suppliers) should be requested and collected by the shipbuilding yard. Tier 1 suppliers may request from their suppliers (tier 2 suppliers) the relevant information if they cannot develop the MD based on the information available. Thus the collection of data on Hazardous Materials may involve the entire shipbuilding supply chain"

"The checking of materials as provided in paragraphs 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 above should be based on the "Material Declaration" furnished by the suppliers in the shipbuilding supply chain (e.g., equipment suppliers, parts suppliers, material suppliers)."

"The purpose of the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity is to provide assurance that the related Material Declaration conforms to section 6.2, and to identify the responsible entity."

"The supplier compiling the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity should establish a company policy."

Metizoft fornyer STADT-kontrakt

06.09.2018 - STADT fornyet sin kontrakt med Metizoft under SMM-messen i Hamburg.

Fremtiden vår!

08.08.2018 - Metizoft har i dag hatt besøk av ungdommer for presentasjon av bedriftens daglige virke.