With Certificates Archive your company can easily manage certificates. As part of this service you can also choose to let Metizoft collect and implement certificates. This includes required certificates according to the EU Directive on Marine Equipment (96/98 EC), which entered into force on January 1 1999.

Additionally, at Metizoft we offer Greenlogger DMS, enabling your company to invest in a tool that will meet all your document management needs through customization.

Øyvind Sundgot
  +47 70 08 47 12 (Office)
    +47 41 77 77 55 (Mobile)
Clement Chang
  +65 6593 9420 (Office)
    +65 91 68 84 24 (Mobile)


Find certificates quickly through file search, vendor search and more.
Any document format
PDF-format is the preferred format, but any file format can be stored.
Certificate Viewer
The built-in certificate viewer supports PDF, JPEG and GIF files.
File Preview
Preview PDF, DOC, JPEG and GIF files before viewing or downloading.
Custom File Structure
Support for custom SFI structures and other file structures.
Activity and confirmation reports for certificate uploads and downloads.
Receive automatic notifications when certificates are about to expire.
On-Premises Option
View and download certificates without an online connection.
Choose between Standard and Premium support.

Metizoft fornyer STADT-kontrakt

06.09.2018 - STADT fornyet sin kontrakt med Metizoft under SMM-messen i Hamburg.

Fremtiden vår!

08.08.2018 - Metizoft har i dag hatt besøk av ungdommer for presentasjon av bedriftens daglige virke.

Har Du Kontroll På Verdikjeden?

16.10.2017 - Metizoft inviterer til gjennomgang av diverse regelverk for leverandørindustrien, samt endringer i ISO 9001 og 14001.