Through Green Makers List we offer shipyards a unique way of keeping track of how suppliers and subsuppliers rank on our proprietary Green Supplier Index. Courtesy of our QA & QC division, you'll be ensured that the companies you're working with are all in line with regulations. This service also enables you to track how they all fare against each other as far as green awareness and manufacturing is concerned.

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Quality Assurance (QA) of suppliers.
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QUOTE FROM MSC.1/Circ.1374:


1. Since 1 July 2002, the installation of materials that contain asbestos has, under SOLAS regulation II-1/3-5, been prohibited for all ships, except for some vanes, joints and insulation. From 1 January 2011, any installation of materials that contain asbestos will, under SOLAS regulation II-1/3-5, be prohibited, for all ships without exceptions.

2. Despite the clear and unambiguous prohibition of asbestos containing materials (ACMs), asbestos is still found on various locations on board ships. During inspections, asbestos has been found in such places as fire blankets, joints and insulation materials, types of sealants, friction material for brakes, wall and ceiling coverings, cords, remnants, electric fuses, etc. Moreover, ships that initially were free of asbestos appear to have asbestos on board as a result of repairs at shipyards and/or of purchasing spare parts at a later stage.


3. The purpose of this circular is to:

.1    raise awareness among maritime Administrations, recognized organizations, shipbuilders and ship repairers, equipment suppliers and all other parties concerned of the fact that asbestos is still being used on ships, notwithstanding its prohibition as stated in paragraph 1 above;

.2    highlight that the principal means of addressing the issue of asbestos being found on board ships in contravention of the aforementioned provisions of SOLAS rests with shipyards and ship suppliers purchasing and installing asbestos free material;

.3    underline the importance of proper training of surveyors and inspectors in detecting asbestos and ACMs on board ships;

.4    prevent any further use of asbestos on board ships; and

.5    stress the importance of maritime Administrations taking appropriate action in case ACMs are found on board ships, in contravention of the aforementioned provisions of the SOLAS Convention.

Metizoft Inngår Kontrakter Med Lokale Verft

16.11.2018 - Metizoft inngår kontrakter med Ulstein Verft, Larsnes Mek. Verksted og Aas Mek. Verksted.

New Contracts With Larsnes Mek. Verksted

03.11.2017 - Metizoft has signed new contracts for five newbuildings with Larsnes Mek. Verksted.

Metizoft Delivers IHM To Hurtigruten

02.01.2017 - Metizoft and Kleven Maritime have signed a new contract for the delivery of IHM and Non-Asbestos to Hurtigruten.