From experience, early focus on operational- and maintenance cost (O&M) can reduce system life cycle cost (LCC) considerably. Additional benefit of LCC is focus on limited resources, such as personnel, time and infrastructure/facilities.

Chosen concept and design will affect the O&M cost of the vessel(s) for at least xx years. A major objective of the logistics program is to minimize the total cost of ownership of vessel(s) throughout its life cycle.

The shipowner’s intention is to acquire a system with optimal LCC and operational availability within the defined functional specifications and available budget for acquisition.

Metizoft have been doing Life Cycle Cost analyses on an upcoming project.

References are available upon request.


Metizoft Enters Mega-Yacht Market

01.07.2020 - Metizoft has entered into an agreement for delivery of its IHM Life Cycle Solution to SeaDream Yacht Club.