Through Metizoft Enviro's HazMat Survey / Inspection we’ll provide HazMat inspection on-board vessels to comply with both the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) and the IMO MEPC.269(68) requirements (View an introduction movie here).

All of Metizoft Enviro's HazMat Inspections are carried out by our dedicate team of DNV GL Approved HazMat Experts. Our experts work very closely with the ship's crew and the Classification societies, ensuring that the shipowner not only complies with the regulation but also has an accurate overview of hazardous materials on-board.

Besides complying to the EU SRR and/or IMO MEPC.269(68), we also see an increasing number of shipowners engaging Metizoft to perform the HazMat surveys / inspections for their vessels prior to scrapping. This demonstrates their effort towards a safer and greener way of scrapping a vessel.

When should you do the IHM?

Now! Avoid bottlenecks and fire-fighting situations! Be ready for the regulations!

Why should you work with Metizoft?

Reducing risks
Be prepared for unannounced inspections that could lead to detentions.
Be a leader
Make your staff familiar with the legal requirements.
Create awareness and safeguard your crew and passengers. Avoid compensation claims by crew members.
Be a role model for your industry and use this as a competitive advantage. Protect your image by showing responsibility for crew, passengers and recyclers.
Keep your assets
Identify reasons for reduction of value for your vessels. Avoid contamination of your ship, and make others pay for "pollution" and clean-up of your ships.
Be served in time
There will be an obvious "bottleneck"
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- HazMat Survey / Inspection

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The Council today adopted a regulation on ship recycling (PE-CO S 59/13, 15517/13 ADD1 REV1).

Adoption of the legislation follows an agreement reached at the third informal trilogue with the European Parliament on 17 June 2013.

The new regulation aims to prevent, reduce and minimise accidents, injuries and other adverse effects on human health and the environment caused by ship recycling. In addition, it seeks to ensure the proper management of hazardous materials on board ships. It also aims to facilitate the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention.

All new ships must have on board an inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) contained in the ship's structure or fittings, together with details of their location and quantities.

Existing ships shall comply, as far as practicable, with this requirement seven years after the entry into force of this regulation.

The regulation applies not only to ships flying the flag of a member state but also to ships flying the flag of a third country when calling at ports in the EU. Such ships must also have on board an inventory of hazardous materials (IHM).

The regulation provides for the establishment and regular updating of a European list of ship recycling facilities. The list will be published in the Official Journal of the EU and on the Commission's website not later than three years after the entry into force of this regulation. It will contain two sub-lists indicating the ship recycling facilities located in a member state and in a third country.

Within three years of the entry into force of this regulation, the Commission will submit a report on the feasibility of a financial instrument that would facilitate safe and sound ship recycling and, if appropriate, will present a legislative proposal.

Penalties for non-compliance with the regulation will be set by member states.

The regulation will enter into force on the twentieth day following its publication in the Official Journal of the EU. It will apply at the earliest two years, depending on when the maximum output of ship recycling facilities on the European list exceeds 2.5 million light displacement tonnes, or at the latest five years after the entry into force of this regulation.

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